USF College of Behavioral & Community Sciences                                                  October 10 - 16, 2016

MHLP Faculty Receive Award to Continue Evaluating Supportive Services for Veterans and their Families (SSVF) Program

In partnership with University of South Florida, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. was awarded a Supportive Services for Veterans and their Families (SSVF) grant from the Veterans Administration to offer assistance to Veterans and their family members who are homeless or at risk for homelessness. Drs. Scott Young (Principal Investigator) and Colleen Clark (Co-Principal Investigator) have received $118,474 to evaluate the program's effectiveness. SSVF participants are offered counseling, financial, and/or legal assistance to help prevent homelessness and support rapid re-housing, with the goal being for them to obtain or maintain permanent housing stability. USF is conducting phone interviews to evaluate SSVF service recipients' housing stability.

Dr. Carrion's Spain Research Collaboration Extends to a New Spain Study Abroad Opportunity for CBCS

Iraida V. Carrion, PhD, LCSW, presented a paper titled, The Interconnected Experience of Identify and Survival: Narratives of Colombian, Mexican and Puerto Rican Women with a Cancer Diagnosis at the X Congreso Internacional sobre Literatura Chicana y Estudios Latinos in Madrid, Spain. While in Spain she traveled to Barcelona to meet with her colleagues Professor Jorge Estapé Rodriquez and Dr. Tania Estapé Madinabeitia founders and directors of the Fundación para la Educación y Formación en Cáncer, FEFCO (Foundation for Education Training in Cancer). Presently, they are jointly conducting a comparative study to examine the beliefs and attitudes about cancer among older Latinos in the US and Spaniards in Barcelona. During Dr. Carrion's visit, she was graciously presented with a copy of Drs. Madinabeitia and Rodriquez's recently published book titled 703 Preguntas and Responses La Odisea Del Cáncer De Mama (703 Questions and Responses The Odyssey of Breast Cancer). To further enhance their cancer research collaboration and to engage students, Dr. Carrion was invited to conduct a Study Abroad in Spain. Dr. Carrion elicited the assistance of Dr. Manisha Joshi and they both accepted the invitation. Together with the partners in Spain, they are organizing a Study Abroad to Spain in May, 2017 for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Social Work and in CBCS.

MHLP Assistant Professor Accepted as Scholar in the HA-STTP Program

Khary Rigg, PhD, was recently selected to be a HIV-AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Trauma Training Program (HA-STTP) scholar. The HA-STTP is a collaboration between UCLA's Center for Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Disparities, the UCLA AIDS Institute, and the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services. This two-year NIH training program aims to provide training to early career investigators to enhance their capacity to submit and receive NIDA funding. HA-STTP will host its Fall Institute on November 2-4, 2016 on the campus of UCLA. During this meeting, institute faculty will present workshops to HA-STTP scholars related to current research in HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and traumatic stress; methods for studying associations between substance abuse, HIV, and traumatic stress; strategies for conducting culturally congruent research; and strategies to improve scientific writing and NIH grant proposals. Dr. Rigg will receive two years of individual mentorship from at least one HA-STTP faculty member, attend Fall and Spring Institutes at UCLA each year for two years, receive a laptop computer loaded with statistical and qualitative data analysis software, and be awarded $10,000 of NIH funding for a pilot study.

Social Work 40th Anniversary: Celebrating The Past, Present & Future

The USF School of Social Work is proud to celebrate its 40th Anniversary this year. This event will celebrate our 40 years of social work education at USF by honoring distinguished alumni that have impacted our School and communities we serve. There will be a panel of executive level community partners discussing trends in the future of social work. Funds raised at this event will be invested in the future of the USF School of Social Work by increasing the Social Work Student Scholarship Fund.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sam and Martha Gibbons Alumni Center - Tampa Campus

To sponsor a table or purchase tickets for this event, please visit the registration website at, call 813-974-3164 or email
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Before addiction, there's a child
Maine Focus
"Proponents of D.A.R.E. believe in D.A.R.E. very much," said Khary Rigg, assistant professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida. "They're on the frontlines. They have an emotional attachment to D.A.R.E. They see the kids; they have this anecdotal evidence. They say the researchers in the ivory tower don't see the true effects."

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